Marijuana Producer Rulemaking Underway

Marijuana Producer Rulemaking Underway
December 5, 2012

Today the Washington State Liquor Control Board filed a CR-101 (pre-proposal filing) to enter into the initial stage of rule-making on the “marijuana producer” license created by Initiative 502.  

Marijuana Producer Only
This rule making is for the “marijuana producer” license only. During this stage of the rule-making process the Board is seeking public comment and input on how the public thinks the license should work and what type of regulations should come with it. 

Board staff will review the written input as it formulates draft rules. Once the draft rule is prepared, the Board will again seek comment on draft producer rules (CR 102), including at least one public hearing. It is likely that the Board will hold public hearings on the west and east sides of Washington State. Dates and times for those meetings will be posted on the LCB website as soon as they become available. Notices will also be sent via the I-502 Listserv maintained by the Liquor Control Board.  

Tentative Timeline
Note: The below timeline is tentative. We will use the I-502 Listserv and website for notifications and updates as they are available. You can also follow us on twitter (WSLCB). 

• December 5, 2012 Board files CR 101 to initiate marijuana producer rulemaking
• February 10, 2013 Last day for Board to accept initial public input
• March 6, 2013 Board files CR 102 that includes a draft marijuana processor rule
• April 10, 2013 1 of 2 public hearings. The second hearing is still to be determined.
• April 17, 2013 Board adopts marijuana producer rules
• May 18, 2013 Marijuana rules become effective.

Public Comment
Please forward your initial comments to the Liquor Control Board by mail, e-mail, or fax by Feb. 10, 2013

By mail: Rules Coordinator               By e-mail:          By fax:
Liquor Control Board  360-360-664-9689
P.O. Box 43080
Olympia, WA 98504-3080

Processor and Retailer Rulemaking
Similar CRs will be filed at a later date for the proposed “processor” and “retailer” licenses created by I-502.